Houses of Refuge Strategy

Our strategy follows our Mission Statement: Reaching the lost, mobilizing the found.

We find churches that have a heart for this ministry. They must have people who will run the program and a piece of land where we can build a House of Refuge. Our goal is not to operate a human trafficking ministry, it is to mobilize churches across SE Asia to do it. We begin a relationship with them, build the house, train them to minister to the victims, connect them with other Houses of Refuge and other ministries working in this same field, then move on. We help them with ongoing support for a limited time on a declining scale & maintain a mentoring relationship with them, but our prayer is that they will soon be on their own.

Our training is simple but effective. I have been working in this area for around 35
years so I have plenty of experience and know how to do it effectively. The four
areas of emphasis are:

Rescue. We give them a safe place to run to. A place where they are loved.

Rebirth. The key to this whole process is coming into a relationship with Christ. We work on restructuring their lives, teaching them to take responsibility for their situation, rehabbing them from drug & alcohol abuse, teaching self-respect & pride, the whole time realizing that there is a God in heaven that loves them and with His help and a commitment to follow Jesus, things are going to get better.

Retool. Different places will have different ways to teach the residents new ways to support themselves. How to do hair & nails, how to run a small store, sewing, etc. It differs according to the talents of the local believers. We are always on the lookout for new ideas, and if needed we can provide loans to capitalize new ventures.

Restore. Once a person has been involved in prostitution they are damaged goods. The most desired thing the person wants is to be restored. Restored to family and to society in general. The ultimate success is when they return to their family and open a beauty salon, or whatever they were retooled with, in the main room of the house and contribute to the well being of the family. Then start a bible study in the salon
after hours.

We also strongly recommend that the people who have been set free continue in the ministry, possibly becoming involved as staff in other houses, and starting bible studies where there is no church. Outreach is a key element in rebirth, weather it is returning to the red light areas sharing the Lord & inviting others to come home with them, or returning to their villages to preach the gospel.

We have seen this strategy of group homes work well in different parts of the world and we are encouraged to implement in SE Asia. We have seen thousands of people liberated from slavery to drugs & indecent lifestyles, through the power of Jesus Christ. He really is the only solution.